¿Necesitas la opinión de un experto para orientarte sobre los aspectos a mejorar de tu web?.¿Tienes un problema o incidencia en tu web y necesitas que te hagamos una revisión para saber el origen de la incidencia?.

Realizamos un estudio pormenorizado de tu web, su estructura y funcionamiento, así como los errores e incidencias que pueda tener y que comprometan al buen funcionamiento de la web.

As with everyday vehicles, websites or online stores need periodic reviews by an expert so that anomalies or errors can be detected, aspects to be improved. Also, if you have an online store and it’s your primary source of revenue or an important part of it, you shouldn’t try to invest some of those profits in knowing the state of your business at all times.

Even if your website has been running for quite some time and you have never contracted a web audit service, then this would be the right time. You’ll know through a detailed report, the status of your website, possible errors, weaknesses and strengths, and any aspect to improve to ensure success on the Internet and a good SEO. Then you decide whether to hire us to do the necessary work or hire other professionals for it.

We perform a complete analysis of structure, performance, incident detection and existence of any element or use of outdated techniques. We use advanced measurement tools and analyze platform code for vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

In case of detecting incidents or aspects to be improved we give you budget with special price for the hiring of the jobs.

We provide a detailed report on the analysis carried out. So that you know in detail the status of your website.

Auditing and web review

Revisión web

If you have a problem or an issue and want to know the source to be able to solve it, hire this web review service. We enter the website and server files to check and detect where the problem is coming from. The completion we give you a detailed report of the incident and give you a quote and the option to hire us so that we solve the problem.

In addition, with the report that we give you you you can have the option to go to other professionals with the information obtained to solve the problem.

This service differs from Web Audit because we enter the website to analyze only the problem you have reported to us and do not do the full study of the website as we would in the Web Audit service.