What if I want to unsubscribe a maintenance plan?

You can unsubscribe from a maintenance plan after meeting the stay times, as long as it is requested 15 business days in advance. You have to keep in mind that if you have paid the monthly fee, it will not be refunded or the proportion of it, even if you have requested the discharge before [...]Read More »

If I have booked a maintenance plan, can I change plans?

If you already have contracted with us a monthly maintenance plan and want to change, there would be no inconvenience. Here's a case: Switch to a superior maintenance plan In this case the change is instant aninstantening and you will pay the monthly fee for the new plan. The terms of stay will be extended [...]Read More »

Can I hire a maintenance plan for less than the minimum time?

Maintenance plans have a minimum contracting period to prevent customers from hiring these plans only for the duration of the resolution of their web incidents and then unsubscribe. To solve one-off incidents without monthly payment commitment, we have at the disposal of any customer our packs of hours of technical support As these are maintenance [...]Read More »