Somos diseñadores, desarrolladores web y programadores expertos en Wordpress y en tiendas online Prestashop

We carry out web design and development of online stores. We offer everything you need to give your business visibility on the internet. We develop websites for companies, Bloggers and individuals. In addition, we have a wide range of types of services that we can offer you, so that you have the solution to your project. In addition, all our work includes a 2-year warranty.

Optimized designs for all mobile devices

Responsive design


Diseño de web corporativa o blogs

Corporate Web Design or Blogs

We make custom web designs and also using the WordPress platform. In addition, we use state-of-the-art templates that are adaptable to any mobile device on the market. In addition, all our designs are customized and original to the requirement of each client.

Web design in WordPress.
Web design in HTML and PHP.
Tailor-made designs.
Landing Pages.
Responsive and classic designs.
Modification and adaptation of templates in design and functionality.
Modification of PHP, TPL and CSS files.
Preparation of legal texts for the Web (Data Privacy, Cookies Law, Legal Notice…).
Editing the content of the web.
Creation of Advertising Banners and Slides.
If you already have a template for your website, we adapt it and retouch it to suit your needs.

Web support

Web support

If you have a serious issue on your website or server and do not know how to fix it, we provide you with an emergency support service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This way you will avoid losing customers and money in sales while your online store or web remains inoperative.

Technical support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
MySQL database repair.
Solution of incidents with online stores.
Urgent technical support 24 hours a day.
Detection and cleanup of malware-infected code or Hacking practices.
Modification of programming code PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, etc…
Resolution of errors in the web style.
Resolution of incidents with responsive CSS3 code and web effects.

You can save money by hiring one of our support hours packs

SEO and web optimization

SEO jobs and web optimization. Improves positioning.

We carry out SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work to position your website or business on the first pages of the main search engines. We optimize your website to improve SEO. We register your website in the main search engines like Google. We also edit and optimize advertising campaigns with Google Adwords.

Link Building jobs.
On-site web optimization.
Optimization of web content.
SEO Off-site.
Insertion into company directories.
We use White Hat techniques for SEO.
Study of the competition.

Corporate videos

We make corporate videos to publicize the image of your company

If you need a promotional video or for corporate purposes, we have the solution. In addition, we produce and edit your custom video using the most sophisticated and professional assembly programs. Make your company known by showing the right image. In addition, we advise and advise you throughout the filming process.

Custom promotional and corporate videos.
High definition videos with the best digital sound quality.
Professional locution service.
Fast delivery of jobs.

Logo design

We design the logo of your company according to the corporate image

We design your custom logo for your website or your business. We also conduct a study to get the most suitable corporate image for your company. In addition, we use the latest generation software for design.

Tailor-made designs.
Advice on the choice of the corporate image of the company.
30-day warranty for design modifications.

Prestashop courses

Prestashop platform management courses

We are experts in Prestashop and we form you in the management and management of your online store. We also conduct face-to-face and distance courses. Therefore, we teach you everything you need so that you can start your online business completely autonomously and without help.

We adapt the dates and times of the courses to the customer’s requirement.
Individual and/or group courses.
You will learn everything you need to manage the platform and optimize the number of daily sales to the maximum.

Management and management of online stores

Performing special services for online stores

We are experts in ecommerce with Prestashop and we have exclusive services for our customers for online stores:

Accommodation and domain management.
Full management and management of the online business.
Edit and import the store’s product catalog.
Configuration, optimization and resolution of incidents of the contracted servers.
24-hour technical support.
Design retouching and functionality changes at the customer’s request.
Extension or modification of the functionalities of the online store.
Modification of functionalities and legal texts to comply with GDPR.
Extension or modification of the functionalities of the online store.
Development of custom Prestashop modules.

Hosting dedicado

You can hire your domain and web hosting on one of our servers

We have the best DEDICTED servers for you to host your website or online store. All our servers are optimized for use with Prestashop and specially configured for websites that require high performance. In addition, servers have full availability to configure them according to your requirements.

You can also hire your domain with us and associate it with your web hosting.

We provide you with everything you need to start your online business

We work with servers located in Spain.
We manage the servers.
Technical support for incidents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Configuration, optimization and resolution of incidents.
High performance servers optimized for Prestashop and WordPress.
Configurable to the customer’s requirement and the needs of your web project.
The best prices on the market with a 30-day trial guarantee.

Design and development of online store

Designing online stores with Prestashop

We carry out designs of online stores with the Prestashop platform. In addition, we provide unique and original designs for every business. We adapt the platform to customer requirements, adding custom functionalities.

Web design in Prestashop.
Responsive designs.
Modification and adaptation of online stores according to each business.
Installation and configuration of modules for the web.
Installing and configuring SSL security certificates.
Modification of PHP, TPL and CSS files.
Preparation of legal texts for the online store (Data Privacy, Cookie Law, Legal Notice…).
Edit the business content and import products into the catalog.
Creation of Advertising Banners and Slides.
If you have a template for your online store, we adapt it to fit your business and be totally original

Diseño de aplicaciones web

Web application development

If you need a custom application or web development, we are involved in your project and carry it out, giving you the best solution and contributing our experience to your idea.

We met with you to try to organize the project.
Contribution of ideas in Brainstorming.
We budget your development.
We develop your idea while keeping the times agreed.
We provide you with maintenance and technical support of the developed applications.


Domain Registry

You can register your domains with us. We even associate them with your web hosting if you hire one of our Web Hosting plans that we offer you. In addition, if the domain is occupied we negotiate with the domain owner to reach an acquisition agreement.

We negotiate with the domain owner to acquire in the best possible conditions.
Registration of unlimited domains.
We associate the domain with our contracted servers.

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    Guarantee of all our services

    WarrantyAll our web design works and services have a 2-year warranty. If you encounter a problem caused by the provision of any of our technical support services, during the warranty period you will be covered and there will be no additional cost.

    We serve everyone

    Our headquarters are located in the city of Seville (Spain). However, we serve all over the world. We have customers from all continents. They’ve trusted us, just like you do.

    We have several communication options to give you the best remote service:


    We deliver reports of the work carried out

    Technical reportsWe take our work very seriously, so in every technical support or work we do, we give you a detailed report of all the tasks performed, changes made to the code, etc… In addition, we do a web review to detect possible deficiencies and inform you about them.

    You’ll know at all times what we’ve done to your website

    We get involved in your web project

    Fast deliveryWe only accept projects we can work on. We don’t keep the customer waiting if we can’t take over the job by saturation. We get involved from day one with your web project or technical support. In addition, we know that for a customer, theirs is the most important thing, and for us your satisfaction is the most important thing.