Bulk Price Update

[Addon Bulk Price Update] Prestashop Massive Product Price Updater

Today, the Prestashop e-commerce platform is one of the most used e-commerce platform worldwide. Prestashop has a very well structured, intuitive and easy-to-use management interface available to a user with basic knowledge. However, like the vast majority of platforms, it has its shortcomings. These are solved with the installation of modules and addons to expand and / or modify the functionalities of the platform in order to meet the requirements of each user.

In the case that we care, one of the most notable shortcomings is when it comes to wanting to update the prices of products and their combinations. If you want to change the price you have to access the editing options of each product and from there change the prices, saving the changes each time the action is performed. Having to edit product by product makes you spend too much time for a task that should be much faster.

If you have a store with very few products, you can spend almost an hour for this process. However, if your store contains thousands of products, the task is considerably complicated, and it can spend days throughout the price update process.

For this reason, the Liewebs we have created the addon BULK PRICE UPDATE it is designed to be able to update products and their combinations massively by selected category and also from each product through a table with advanced search and filtering functions.


This addon is not a Prestashop module that you have to install in the Back-office. This is an extension or addon completely independent of the platform. It is installed in the root folder of the Prestashop store but does not modify any original platform files or install tables in the Database.

If uninstallation is as simple as deleting the addon folder from Prestashop root directory.

The Bulk Price Update addon is designed in a very simple graphical interface and adapted to all mobile devices(responsive design). It has advanced features for calculating product prices and combinations, as well as several options available at the user’s choice.


Graphical interface adaptable to all mobile devices.

Responsive design adapted to all mobile devices.

Developed using Prestashop programming code.

Developed for exclusive use in Prestashop online stores.

Easy installation and use. Fast graphical interface.

Operations using AJAX, without reloading the page.

Use the same employee access data with admin profile.

Allows updating prices of products and combinations by selected category.

Allows product price maintenance and combinations for each product from a table with advanced paging, search, and filtering capabilities.

Allows you to change the final price (taxes included), base prices and wholesale price.

Calculates the final price automatically in relation to the tax assigned to the product.

Allows you to change the prices of products only, products and combinations and combinations only.

Allows you to apply two types of operations (quantity or percentage).

Allows you to apply value or fixed quantity increase and decrease operations.

Two optional rounding modes (Standard Mode and Smart Price).

Option to apply rounding at the base price or final price.

Option to select the store.

Option to perform price update operations only on the selected categories.

Advanced filtering.

Option to perform automatic backups of the Pricing Database.

Option to restore and delete available backups.

Detailed log with all operations performed.

Information panel with all the details of the operations that are being performed.

Supports multistore.

Multi-language translated into Spanish, English and French, with language selector.

Complete documentation in Spanish and English.



Prestashop module. Compatible with Multitienda


Prestashop 1.6. Prestashop modules

With this addon you will be able to update the prices of your products and combinations in bulk by filtering by categories. You will have several options for updating prices, rounding systems, types of operations, etc…

In addition, you will have a table with all the products available in the store, where you can modify the prices of each of the products and combinations individually.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll avoid data loss in case of errors during the process, as this addon has a system of automatic backups of tables related to database prices.

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