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[Prestashop – Merchant Expertise Module] Back-office loading slowness

In this article we will talk about a problem that is usually occurring in many of prestashop stores and that very few store owners know the origin of this problem.

The back-office’s upload speed is very slow and the web takes several minutes to finish loading its items. It is even impossible to access the Back-office after successful login

We could list many of the reasons that cause a Prestashop Back-office to work very slowly and with almost endless loading times (inadequate server or Prestashop configuration, many modules installed, errors with modules, incompatibilities, execution errors, etc.. However, we are going to focus on one of these reasons, which, by its origin, makes it very difficult to detect and solve. The Prestashop module,“Merchant Expertise” and whose module folder is called gamification.

This module is one of the reasons why there is a significant decrease in performance in the Back-Office.

What is the Merchant Expertise module for?

This module, from our point of view, is a totally expendable module in Prestashop stores. It serves nothing more than to let the user or owner of the store know whether or not the objectives and features set by Prestashop have been fulfilled, in addition to sending all this information to Prestashop.

It is based on percentages and medals for each goal fulfilled, which are displayed on the module configuration page. You have to know that this is nothing more than information at all relevant and exclusively symbolic (If you have filled out the categories, you get a medal, if you have set up the carriers you get another medal, and so on increasing the percentage of objectives).

Merchant expertise. gamification

Just because your business has more or less medals doesn’t mean it’s a good deal or that you can be more or less successful. As we have already explained, this is for informational and guidance only for the trader. Therefore, we can confirm that this module has no necessary utility, beyond the fun and satisfaction of the fulfillment of the objectives that Prestashop marks.

How does this module negatively affect back-office performance?

As we indicated at the beginning of this article, this module is one of those responsible for sometimes experiencing a considerable load rate in the Back-office, or sometimes not being directly accessible from the login page.

The explanation is that the module Merchant Expertise connects to Prestashop server through an API (https://gamification.prestashop.com/json/) so the fact that you have to connect to an external server, makes during the time of requesting information to the server, the Back-office remains continuously loading. On several occasions problems can arise in the connection to Prestashop server, due to crashes or external incidents, so in that case, the load time will be considerably increased, reaching several minutes. Even on some occasions causing you to not be able to enter the Back-office after successful login.

So if you are experiencing a considerable decrease in the performance of your Back-office and have tried many possible solutions and have not been able to solve this problem, try disabling this module and you will see that the performance of your Back-office will again be the it was before.

However, we always strongly recommend all our customers to disable or uninstall this module, to avoid having problems in the future.

Are you explaining that your Back-office works very slowly and after this article you have not been able to find the solution?

So the source of your problem may be elsewhere

You can hire our support service to analyze and resolve this issue.

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