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Purchase of an authorized SSL certificate compatible with 99 browsers, for the protection of your website.


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What is an SSL Certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a certificate that is installed on the web server and whose mission is to encrypt the content of your website so that no cybercriminal can extract data from the site. This becomes more important on pages where personal data of customers, users, payment gateways, etc…

Nowadays, in addition to being mandatory on all websites, it is essential to be able to give confidence to the user when visiting the website, or want to make an online purchase. Current browsers send a warning message to the user, when they are browsing an “Unsafe” site, so many of them stop browsing the site, fearing that the security of their data will be compromised.

For that reason, if you have a website, you must protect it by purchasing an appropriate SSL certificate. Below we provide you with the information you need to choose the SSL certificate.

What is the warranty coverage in an SSL Certificate?

Warranty coverage is the economic amount of compensation that will be paid by the issuer of the SSL Certificate in case of damages caused by the use of this. For example, in case of sensitive data theft by failure to encrypt it.

What services does the purchase of an SSL Certificate include in Liewebs?

Issuance of the acquired SSL Certificate.

Installing the SSL Certificate on the client’s website.

Annual notice for the renewal of the Certificate.

Technical Support for any incidentrelated to the SSL Certificate.

Domain Validation
2048-bit encryption
Immediate Issue
$50,000 warranty coverage
Ideal for small personal or corporate websites and Blogs.
Automatic validation
2048-bit encryption
Immediate Issue
Unlimited broadcast requests
$10,000 warranty coverage
Compatible with 99% of browsers
Ideal for small corporate websites and online stores.
Validation of the domain name and company data
2048-bit encryption
Immediate Issue
$250,000 of warranty coverage
Ideal for companies and e-commerce.
Domain Validation
2048-bit encryption
Immediate Issue
Protection for unlimited subdomains
$50,000 warranty coverage
Ideal for companies with several subdomains.


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