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PACK Full Premium Database

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PACK of Cleaning, optimization and complete repair of the database of the different e-commerce platforms and websites (Prestashop, Magento, Wordpress, etc…).

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A website database is one of the most important elements of the system, where all the data of the website is stored. An issue in this part of the system will result in unrecoverable loss of important data and an inoperability of the website.

In the case of online stores, the importance is even greater, because any data loss and inoperability of the site causes large economic losses in sales, problems with customers and a bad reputation of the site.

That’s why regular lymaintain the database will prevent future problems. In addition to having a fully optimized database, it will increase web performance and speed in data queries.

This service is designed for online store platforms and with MySQL Database.


What does this PACK include?

Includes services with the following references: DBREPAIR01 and DBCLEAN02.

  • Server-level Database Optimization: Using advanced tools (Available only on VPS or Dedicated servers).
  • Optimizing the Database at the usage level: Table compression, table engine configuration, table referinential integrity error repair, etc…
  • Database Cleanup: Cleaning the BBDD pivot tables, reducing the weight of the pivot table and eliminating the debris that can cause problems.
  • Database Repair: We repair the database manually, table by table and using our own development tools. We resolve any problems and incidents related to the Database. We solve problems with referential integrity, for loss of records in related tables.


What are the results that are obtained after the contracting of this PACK?

Significant increase in website loading speed.

Increased performance in database operation. Queries are done faster.

Resolution of errors and conflicts with the Database.

Lighter website.

Get very high scores on web auditing tools like Google PageSpeed Insight or similar.

SeO improvement.

Resolution of any errors or incidents in the Database.

Prevention of errors and incidents that leave the store inoperative.

This service is done 24 hours a day, so it can be run at night hours at the request of the client. You will need to specify the schedule chosen for the provision of the service in the “Schedule” selector.


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