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PACK Full Premium web

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Complete Web Optimization pack and Database, as well as implementation of security measures for the Prestashop platform. Increases web performance, SEO, and security against SPAM attacks and practices.

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If you have an online store on the Prestashop platform and want to get the most out of it, improve seO and avoid attacks by cybercriminals and SPAM practices, hiring this PACK is the way to achieve it.

With this FULL PREMIUM WEB PACK you will get maximum optimization in the platform database engine and the web server. You’ll get an improvement in performance instantly.


What does this PACK include?

Includes services with the following references: WEBOPT02, SECURITY01, DBCLEAN02 and OPTIMG

  • Server-level Database Optimization: Using advanced tools (Available only on VPS or Dedicated servers).
  • Optimizing the Database at the usage level: Table compression, dynamic data cleanup, table engine configuration, table referential integrity error repair, etc…
  • Server-level web optimization: Insert advanced parameters into server configuration files and increase limits on the most relevant parameters. Using cache parameters.
  • Optimization in the configuration of the Prestashop platform: Configuration of the options within the Prestashop platform to optimize performance to the maximum, depending on the business configuration, the modules installed and the type of web server contracted.
  • Image Optimization: Reduction and optimization of all images in the store to reduce their size without losing the quality of their viewing. Increasing the loading speed of the web and avoiding the penalties of search engines avoiding the excessive size of the website.
  • Web security implementation: Implementation of advanced security measures to prevent attacks by cybercriminals, unauthorized access and SPAM practices. Improved website form validation processes.


What are the results that are obtained after the contracting of this PACK?

Significant increase in website loading speed.

Increased performance in database operation. Queries are done faster.

Resolution of errors and conflicts with the Database.

Lighter website.

Get very high scores on web auditing tools like Google PageSpeed Insight or similar.

SeO improvement.

Increased security on the website against computer attacks, unauthorized access and SPAM practices (fake customer registration, spam messages from the contact form, etc…).

Prevention of errors and incidents that leave the store inoperative.

This service is done 24 hours a day, so it can be run at night hours at the request of the client. You will need to specify the schedule chosen for the provision of the service in the “Schedule” selector.


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