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Web review to detect the source of errors and incidents. Technical report is delivered.

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If you own a website or online store and have some incidents or errors and do not know what it is due you can contract this service.

We access the administrative part of the website and the files on the server and look for the source of the problems. Finally, we explain where the problem is and budget for technical support for resolution.

The customer is never committed to accepting the support work to solve the problem, so at the end of our Web Review work, you can decide whether to hire us to resolve the issues or if you have the technical support of another professional.

The advantage of hiring this service is that you will know the origin of the problems, and in case of hiring other professionals, you will have a technical report of our work that you can give it to know technically all the incidents of the site.

This service includes the delivery of a complete Technical Report with all the details of the detected issues.

If we contract our services for the repair of the incident, the amount of this service will be deducted on the final invoice.

This service is done during business hours and is subject to priority in the work queue.


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