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Web Security

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Implementation of security measures and Anti-SPAM to increase security on web platforms (Prestashop and Wordpress). Prevents attacks, unauthorized access, and SPAM practices.

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With this service we carry out preventive work to increase the security of the website against computer attacks, SPAM practices and unauthorized access. We increase the functional integrity of the website and its protection against attacks and theft of information, by modifying the code of the web platform files and implementing advanced parameters and security guidelines in the validation of Fields.

For this service, we perform the following important tasks:

Analysis of the web structure in detection of the weakest points and vulnerabilities.
Performing Database backups and server files.
Implementation of the appropriate security measures for the website and its platform.
Installation of own development modules to increase security against threats and SPAM practices.
Subsequent verification of site functionality and the effectiveness of installed protection.
Delivery of a technical report in detail of the work carried out.

Depending on the type of web platform, version used and its components, we will adapt the implementation of the security measures to be the most suitable for the website.

Service performed during office hours and is subject to work queue priorities.


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