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23Dec 2021

HTTP Error 400 Bad request (Your Browser sent a request that this server could not understand) in Prestashop and WordPress

23 de December de 2021|Prestashop|

The HTTP 400 Bad request error is a type of error code that indicates that the server cannot process the request sent from the web browser because it has detected an error that comes from the client side, that is, from the web browser. This error [...]

23Jul 2020

[Prestashop error] 500 error or blank page when accessing the Back-office

23 de July de 2020|Prestashop|

The error occurs when the Back-office is accessed only from Debug mode activated or in production mode activated. The characteristic of this error is that it only occurs in one of the modes and not in both. In this article we are going to talk about a critical error [...]

10Feb 2020

[Prestashop error] The price is not shown in the list of products with combinations

10 de February de 2020|Prestashop|

In this article we are going to talk about a very important problem that we have had to solve in many Prestashop online stores of our clients. The error consists in that the price is not shown or its value is zero (€ 0) in the list of products, [...]

8Mar 2019

[Prestashop error] – Smarty: Unable to write file smarty_internal_write_file.php on line 46

8 de March de 2019|Prestashop|

SOLUTION ONLY FOR PRESTASHOP VERSION 1.6 In this Post we are going to explain the causes of this error and how it should be solved. Specifically, this is an error related to writing Prestashop cache files. In addition, when it originates, it launches the following message: [...]

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