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Optimize web images

In this article we will talk about a very important topic, about optimizing website images.

More and more people, who with little knowledge, decide to learn how to design their website or online store. However, they do not realize that before uploading the images to the website, it is very important to perform an optimization to reduce the size and weight without over-influencing the quality of the image.

Why is it important to optimize images before uploading them to the web platform?

An image, like the other elements of the web, occupies a space, is also part of the elements of the web, and therefore influences the loading speed of the website when displayed in the browser.

When someone tries to access the website, the browser makes a request to the server and the server processes all the items contained in the site and sends them to the browser for display. It’s not really just a request, but it’s a request for each item that makes up the web, so the more elements the website has, the more requests to the server have to be made to fully display the site.

As you can imagine, the more requests, the longer it will take the server to process all the data and the longer it will take the browser to display all the elements. And if the image that the server has to process is not optimized and takes up a lot of space, then the server response time increases considerably.

What happens when images are not optimized?

After the above explanation, the fact that the server takes longer to process the unoptimized items, such as images, results in a reduction in performance and load speed.

This can be seen reflected in poor scores in web metrics tools like Google Page Speed Insight or GTMetrix

Most importantly, if your website gets poor scores for having a slow upload speed and takes time to display the items, this will be a very important factor that will negatively influence SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The better optimized the website, the better valued by search engines and will improve SEO. But it should also be noted that this is not entirely decisive, but there are other things that also influence the positioning: elaboration of quality content, good web structure maintenance headers (h1, h2, h3…) in correct places and with the avoid spam practices, etc…

How can I optimize the images?

The process of optimizing images before uploading them to the web server can be done in several ways:


Image optimization tools

Through an API (Application Programming Interface)


This procedure can be performed from any image editing program (Paint, Photoshop…) If we choose this procedure, we can only modify the size of the images and their format (jpg, png, gif…), and only in some programs like Photoshop we can control the quality of the image a little more to reduce its weight. However, it is not too effective a procedure and is contingent on each other’s ability and skill to achieve better results.

IMPORTANT: You should know that JPG compression form is a format that is smaller than in PNG format.

Image optimization tools

There are several free alternatives you can download from the internet. These are programs that you install on your computer and what they do is process the images that you send them reducing not only their size, but the weight of the file, modifying the pixels of the images.

The engines of these programs are very well designed to perform the work of image optimization without worsening the image quality in the eyes of the human eye. And it is that really what they do is reduce the image quality but it is hardly noticeable.

We recommend the RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool)program. It is free to use, free to use and can be installed on your computer.

Riot. Radical Image Optimization Tool. Image optimizer. Web image optimization tool. Optimize images

Image optimization API

In this case, there are also several alternatives that you can find online. If you’re a programmer, you can develop a tool or plugin that uses some of these APIs.

The feature of these image optimization methods is that they are done through web platforms, WordPress plugins, Prestashop modules, etc… Therefore, you have to have an internet connection and on many occasions you have to subscribe to paid services to be able to make use of these utilities.

In this case we recommend the following image optimization API:

Kraken.io Image Optimizer

Kraken. IO

It stands out for its subscription plans that are quite economical and its optimization engine that performs the process obtaining very good results in the optimized images.


  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent image optimization engine without excessive quality loss.
  • Pretty inexpensive service plans.
  • Possibility to optimize images in bulk.
  • Image optimization is done internally from the application server.
  • Auto subscription renewal.
  • Possibility to develop a module or plugin to use its API.

How can I optimize the images I have previously uploaded to the website?

Whether in the case of the manual method and the use of a web image optimization tool,it would only be possible for the images that you want to optimize before uploading them to your web server. However, you may encounter the situation that you have already created your website and now you realize that you have not optimized the images.

Don’t worry, then the right method will be to make use of one of the APIs designed to optimize images through a module or plugin developed for the web platform you are using (WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, etc…).

Here are some API developments to optimize images across different web platforms:


Plugin Kraken.io Image Optimizer

reSmush.it Image Optimizer

Smush – Compress, Optimize and Lazy Load Images


Kraken Image Optimizer Module

PrestaSpeed module – Image / site / database optimization

Image Compressor Module with IMAGIFY

ReSmush Image Compression module for large catalogs

Image optimization service

At Liewebs we offer you an image optimization service at a very low price and using the best optimization tools. We optimize all the images on your website and guarantee the increase in the performance and speed of the website. So you don’t have to worry about anything, we’ll do the work to save you time and money.

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