Do you want to get the best out of your website or online store? Have you checked that the web loading speed is very slow?

Then you need to hire the web and server optimization services we offer you.

The lack of web optimization is one of the situations that unfortunately appears quite frequently. The reason may be in one of the following situations:

The hiring of web development services too economical performed by professionals with very little or no experience or knowledge of web development.

Contracting shared Hosting plans at very low prices.

Carrying out web development and maintenance by the same user without prior knowledge of web development.

No contracting of monthly web maintenance plans.

Installation of programs, modules or plugins that negatively affect web performance.

Existence of some type of incident or error on the website or online store.

Increase web performance

What optimization tasks do we perform?

We have three modes of Web/Server Optimization:



Web-level optimization by configuring web platform parameters to get the most out of all available options.

Inserting advanced code into the .htaccess file for the ideal use of compression, cache, and other security-related parameters.

Optimization in CSS file upload, JS, and cache usage.



Everything that includes basic mode and also the following:

Server-level optimization by configuring advanced parameters to increase web performance and avoid unnecessary errors or overloads.

Installing extensions for cache functions on the server (requires SSH access to the server).

Use cache in the external content load.

Optimization and compression of files with CSS and JS code.

Installation of own development modules and plugins for the increase of web performance.



Optimization of all images on the web to reduce their weight without loss of quality. The positive results in the loading speed of the web are very noticeable.

Use of external tools for the optimization of all images on the web.

Backing up to preserve the original image files.

* The price is for each Gigabyte of images to optimize.

What are the results after optimization work?

Significant increase in the loading speed of the web becoming between 1 and 3 seconds.

Lighter web content with fewer load elements.

Increased SEO. Results that will be visible after several weeks.

Increased web security against unauthorized access.

Web safer, faster and error-free.

Improved server response before customer requests in web browsing and online shopping process.

Increased improvement of the user’s browsing experience. This results in increased web visits and increased conversions in online stores.