Agencia de diseño y desarrollo web en Sevilla. Expertos en tiendas online Prestashop y Wordpress.

Un gran equipo con una experiencia de más de 11 años en el diseño y desarrollo web. Somos profesionales en el soporte técnico web para resolver cualquier incidencia.

In short, we are a web design and development agency, experts in Prestashop, and based in the city of Seville but whose range of activity is International. We are simply one more “animal”, within the food chain of this great jungle, as is the web development sector. Therefore, at this point in life, in our opinion, we will not tell you fallacies like that we are the best, or trying to sell this to you as the panacea.

Now, leaving the incsection behind, comes the most interesting part of our history…

Liewebs was born more than 11 years ago to the need to develop and manage the online store Liestores, and later as a solution for many customers who needed technical support in this sector as specific as that of web design and commerce management electronics, especially within the Prestashop platform.

Lie, the creator and owner of the whole “cotarro”, embarked on the adventure of learning this wonderful world both in web development, and in the art of creating applications and solutions to the algorithms of life. First in a self-taught way and later expanding knowledge with double degree studies in Web and cross-platform application programming. In addition to additional training with various programming courses, different languages, disciplines, etc…

Liewebs, along with Lie, were gradually growing, gaining customers and strengthening their loyalty. Lie was earning more and more money, turning everything she touched into gold… the latter of course it’s a lie, but I wanted to say it!… doesn’t that sound true to you?

To this day, we have grown and are a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals, experts in Prestashop online stores and websites in WordPress. In addition, we continue to advance and gain more and more experience as we face the greatest challenges of this sector, make your business projects a reality and where your mind wants to achieve.

You ask for that mouth…..

Web design and development agency in Seville. Prestashop experts
Prestashop online store experts

¿Por qué elegirnos a nosotros?

Our goal is your satisfaction


We offer closeness in the personal treatment with all our customers, because we think that in the design is the personality, and each person is unique. Besides, we don’t forget you. We maintain frequent contact with all our customers.


We are committed to the project from day one, because we meet all the deadlines.


We value the loyalty of our customers. Besides, we make ours yours, and therefore we grow from you every day.

Más de 5 años de experiencia desarrollando módulos para la plataforma de comercio electrónico Prestashop. Expertos en tiendas online.

We are passionate about the world of e-commerce. Especially with the Prestashop platform, which offers us a whole world of possibilities for custom developments. We have been developing modules for online stores for more than 5 years, being experts in Prestashop and we are an active part of the Prestashop community participating in the Forum, in addition to resolving the doubts of the users, we also make small contributions to this magnificent community, to contribute that it remains active for a long, long time.

In addition, as it could not be less, our great contribution is based on the publication of all our developments on the official website, Prestashop addons, being validated by Prestashop’s team of professionals, and therefore endorsed by the quality of all our developments for this platform.

You can visit us and see a complete catalog of all our works in Prestashop. Go to view our catalog of modules.

Prestashop experts

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