Cualquier sitio web es susceptible a ser atacado por ciberdelincuentes. La vulnerabilidad del sitio dependerá del código con el que está programado y la ausencia del uso de buenas técnicas para aumentar la seguridad.

Analizamos, detectamos y limpiamos cualquier tipo de código malicioso que hayan insertado en los archivos del sitio web. Utilizamos programas de desarrollo propio para la detección de los códigos insertados por los ciberdelincuentes.

In this technological age in which the development of new technologies is booming, malicious attacks on websites by cybercriminals have been increasing. Database data theft, unauthorized access to a website to block or infect it with malicious code using SQL injections, or DDos attacks are the most common problems that website owners are exposed to.

Although to this day, there are numerous techniques to prevent or neutralize many of these attacks, there is still a high risk of being attacked and therefore losing sensitive and essential data for the operation of the site.

When the site is a corporate website of a company with a high volume of daily visits, or an online store with a lot of sales, the consequences of suffering an attack can be devastating, generating huge economic losses to the owners of the Companies.

For this reason, given the importance of the work and its urgency, at Liewebs, we are experts in web security and perform the necessary tasks for the analysis of all the files of your website, the detection of the malicious code or the object of the attack and its disinfection. We use our own development tools for the detection of malicious code, carefully analyzing the contents of each of the files on the server.

In addition, after cleaning and disinfecting all the files on the server, we will give you the necessary guidelines to prevent the attacks you have experienced on your website again.

Web disinfection work is carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Web disinfection

Web disinfection includes...

  1. Scanning and searching for malicious code or the object of the attack.

  2. Disinfection and exhauttive cleaning of all traces of malicious code.

  3. Restore original files in case they become badly damaged.

  4. Security guidelines to prevent attacks again.