Having a very well optimized website with security reinforcement elements is essential to avoid web attacks and the techniques of sending SPAM messages and records.

We optimize and strengthen your website with security techniques and elements to prevent attacks, unauthorized access and SPAM.

Currently on the Internet, SPAM messaging delivery practices, mass registrations through BOTS, attacks on websites, are becoming more frequent. A very high percentage of web owners have ever been able to experience such situations on their websites. Due to the great ignorance in the issue of Cybersecurity, very few take the necessary measures to prevent such situations, which in some cases, can become critical with massive data loss, site inoperability or destruction of all the files on the server.

There are even basic and simple techniques for increasing security that very few carry out (strong passwords, use of Captchas in forms, updating the modules/plugins of the website, updating the web platform, etc…).

At Liewebs, we are experts in implementing techniques to increase web security, thus reducing the likelihood of being the victim of a cyberattack or SPAM practices.

Increase the security of your website or online store by hiring our services. You’ll stop worrying, because your website will be a SAFE site

Web security. Cyberattack prevention and SPAM

Our web security works include...

Analysis of website vulnerability points.

Fix vulnerabilities in the platform code.

Improved code for field validation.

Improved code to prevent SQL injections and unauthorized access.

Implementation of reCAPTCHA on forms.

Server and guidelines optimization to prevent access by BOTS and sites under globally blacklisted IP addresses.

Optimal permissions for folders and files on the server.

Implementation of modules/plugins to increase web security.