Módulo Prestashop – Advanced Delete Orders (Manual usuario – Inglés)


Advanced Delete Orders (EN)

Advanced Delete Orders
Author: Liewebs
Version: 1.0.6
Dated: 12 Jun 2018

1.Upload module #

You have two options to upload the module:

  1. By FTP: You have to unzip the module file and upload to /modules folder in your Prestashop directory.
  2. By Back-office: Go to Modules and services tab and click on «Add new module», and then select the zip module file and click on «Upload this module». See picture.


Last updated on 12/06/2018

2.Installation #

  • Once module is uploaded, search module in the module list and click on «Install» button.
Last updated on 12/06/2018

3.Configuration #

In the configure section you can find only the user manual in all available languages.

Last updated on 12/06/2018

4.Employee profile access restriction #

You can select the authorized employee profile to perform the actions of deleting the orders.

NOTE: If an employee accesses the table of deletion of orders without having clearing permissions, the buttons to eliminate orders will remain deactivated.

Last updated on 12/06/2018

5.How to delete orders #

The module installs a sub-tab located in the ORDERS tab, where an order table with elimination options is displayed.

Table to delete orders

In this tab, you can see a table with orders. From this table you can delete orders, one by one or as a multiple selection.

NOTE: The table has a search and filter function to make it easier to remove old orders.

Delete orders

With this module you can delete orders one by one individually, or also in bulk by selecting the orders you want to delete.

Last updated on 12/06/2018

6.Uninstallation #

The uninstallation procedures is very simple. Go to Modules and Services and search this module. Once found, click on «uninstall» in the dropdown. the module will be uninstalled completely and the «delete orders» tab will be deleted from Admin tabs.

Last updated on 12/06/2018

7.Troubleshooting #

Here we show the most common problems you may encounter during the use of this module and its solution:

After deleting orders with this module, the invoices or payment methods of the orders appear mixed in other orders.

This module deletes ONLY the data related to the order ID that has been deleted. If there is an error in the tables of the database, or there is a problem with duplication of data or referential integrity, it can generate problems when it comes to eliminating orders through this module.

In case this problem occurs you should hire technical support to repair the database and clean it before using this module.

Last updated on 26/07/2018
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