Módulo Prestashop – Anti-spam Protector (Manual usuario – Inglés)


Anti-spam Protector (EN)

Anti-Spam Protector
Author: Liewebs
Version: 1.0.3
Dated: 02 Jul 2018

1.Upload module

You have two options to upload the module:

  1. By FTP: You have to unzip the module file and upload to /modules folder in your Prestashop directory.
  2. By Back-office: Go to Modules and services tab and click on “Add new module”, and then select the zip module file and click on “Upload this module”. See picture.


Once the module has been uploaded, look for the module in the list of modules and click on the «Install» button.

If this pop-up window were to appear, click on «Proceed with the installation».


In the configuration section, you can find only the user’s manual in all the available languages.


To activate the module, click on the «Yes» option. After saving the option, the full configuration page will appear.

Restriction settings

  • Prevent Bots access:This option prohibits access to the store through Bots. Use a blacklist of more than 1.500 Bots. Google Bots are not affected by this restriction.
  • IP Restriction List: This option prevents access to your store from an IP blacklist database with more than 2.600 IP addresses.
    Note: The list is updated daily on the server. To download the list automatically, you can use a Cron task, using the link found at the beginning of the options.
  • Email domain list restriction: This option prevents the sending of contact form messages from a blacklist of e-mail domains with more than 52.000 domains. The most common email domains are included, such as 99.com, 163.com, 126.com, spam4.me, etc …
  • IP Address Restrictions: This option prevents the sending of contact form messages from IP addresses specified in the text box. An IP address must be established on each line.

  • Advanced Honeypot:This module has an advanced and dynamic Honeypot system that prevents spammers from sending messages in a high percentage. It generates a dynamic html code that changes as time passes so that it is not detectable by spammers.
  • Honeypot key code: It depends on the key code that is entered, the type of html code inserted will be different. You must insert keys in text format, URL, sequence of numbers or email addresses. The inserted code has to be an invented code whatever that complies with the previous formats.
  • Email address Restrictions: This option prevents sending contact form messages from email addresses specified in the text box. An email address must be established on each line.
    This module has a system to declare email address as spam when it has reached the maximum attemtps to send message, then this list will be updated adding email address considered as spam by the module.
  • Email Domain Restrictions: This option prevents the sending of contact form messages from email domains specified in the text box. You must establish an email domain in each line. Example: mail.ru
  • Attemps to block:This option limits the maximum number of attempts to send messages from the contact form. Once the user / bot exceeds the maximum allowed, the system considers it a spammer and therefore will block access to the web by IP address, User-agent, and email address. The system will automatically update this blocking data. It is recommended to indicate a number between 5-20. The attempts are counted when a user or bot tries to send a message from the contact form and is rejected for reasons such as not validating Google reCaptcha or trying to send from some of the IP addresses, emails or restricted email domains.
  • Time Restrictions: This option prevents several messages from being sent from the contact form before the time limit per message is met. The value is expressed in seconds.


reCpatcha settings

In this section you can activate or deactivate the Google protection of the contact form.

You can choose between two predefined themes (Light and dark), in addition to the display format (normal or compact).

For the protection of Google reCpatcha to work, you must generate the site and secret keys, going to the following link:



The uninstallation procedures is very simple. Go to Modules and Services and search this module. Once found, click on “uninstall” in the dropdown. the module will be uninstalled completely and the “delete orders” tab will be deleted from Admin tabs.


This section shows the problems that may occur and how to fix it:

After submit module configuration an error 500 is displayed on Back-office or Front office.
  • This module writes the .htaccess file with advanced parameters. Maybe there could be an error writing the file operation and the .htaccess file has been corrupted. You should regenerate .htaccess file, going into «SEO&URL» section in Back-office to do it.

After enabling Google reCaptcha, it is not visible in contact form
  • Press F12 to open browser console to check if you have some javascript issues. If you have javascript issues, contact with technical support to fix it.
  • Check if you have disabled javascript option in browser configuration.
  • Check if you have configured site key and secret key in module configuration page.

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