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15Apr 2020

How to choose the best web hosting server for Prestashop online stores

15 de April de 2020|Prestashop, Web development|

In this article we will explain how to choose the best high-performance web hosting server that can be optimized for Prestashop online stores.   After our extensive experience developing Prestashop online stores and providing technical support service to all our clients, we have found that in a generalized way [...]

1Jan 2020

How to optimize the images of your website or online store

1 de January de 2020|Web development|

In this article we are going to talk about a very important topic that is a fundamental part of web optimization tasks, the optimization and compression of website images . More and more people, with little knowledge, decide to learn how to design their website or online store. However, [...]

8Dec 2019

How to start creating an online store on the Prestashop platform (Basic concepts)

8 de December de 2019|Prestashop, Web development|

Everything you need to know to start creating, designing and setting up your online store with Prestashop Many of you have ever wondered how an Online Store is built and what is needed for it. Lack of knowledge on the subject leads one to think [...]

15Mar 2019

Responsive web design

15 de March de 2019|Web development|

What is responsive web design? Web design in its beginnings was a technique based mainly on editing HTML text pages (HyperText Markup Language) in a simple way with their links pointing to other html text pages. The insertion of images and styles were simple instructions through the CSS files [...]

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