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23Jan 2023

[Prestashop cache removing and cleaning tool] Thoroughly cleans and removes all cache files from Prestashop online stores

23 de January de 2023|Prestashop, Web tools|

The Prestashop Cache Cleaner Tool is a tool specially designed to thoroughly and completely empty and remove ALL files and cache items from Prestashop online stores. Its cleaning process is much stricter and more powerful than the cache clearing utility that comes by default in Prestashop online stores [...]

23Dec 2021

HTTP Error 400 Bad request (Your Browser sent a request that this server could not understand) in Prestashop and WordPress

23 de December de 2021|Prestashop|

The HTTP 400 Bad request error is a type of error code that indicates that the server cannot process the request sent from the web browser because it has detected an error that comes from the client side, that is, from the web browser. This error [...]

16Nov 2021

Tutorial to optimize the performance of Prestashop stores [Nivel intermedio]

16 de November de 2021|Prestashop, Tutorials|

In this intermediate level tutorial, you will learn how to optimize Prestashop stores to increase and improve the performance and loading speed of the site. We will use the Prestashop cache and the server. We will learn basic notions to choose a good web Hosting plan [...]

19Oct 2021

Prestashop – Paypal module. Solution to the error of payment in orders and problem in the rounding of the prices of the products

19 de October de 2021|Prestashop|

We explain why the payment error status is generated in orders paid through the official Paypal module in Prestashop stores. We detail the causes that cause customers to make payments of different amounts than those listed in the store's shopping cart. What are the causes [...]

23Jul 2020

[Prestashop error] 500 error or blank page when accessing the Back-office

23 de July de 2020|Prestashop|

The error occurs when the Back-office is accessed only from Debug mode activated or in production mode activated. The characteristic of this error is that it only occurs in one of the modes and not in both. In this article we are going to talk about a critical error [...]

15Apr 2020

How to choose the best web hosting server for Prestashop online stores

15 de April de 2020|Prestashop, Web development|

In this article we will explain how to choose the best high-performance web hosting server that can be optimized for Prestashop online stores.   After our extensive experience developing Prestashop online stores and providing technical support service to all our clients, we have found that in a generalized way [...]

10Feb 2020

[Prestashop error] The price is not shown in the list of products with combinations

10 de February de 2020|Prestashop|

In this article we are going to talk about a very important problem that we have had to solve in many Prestashop online stores of our clients. The error consists in that the price is not shown or its value is zero (€ 0) in the list of products, [...]

2Feb 2020

[Prestashop – Módulo Experiencia comercial] Slow loading in Back-office

2 de February de 2020|Prestashop|

In this article we are going to talk about a problem that is usually occurring in many of the Prestashop stores and that very few store owners know the origin of this problem. The Back-office loading speed is very slow and the web takes several minutes to finish loading [...]

3Jan 2020

[VULNERABILIDAD CRÍTICA] XsamXadoo Bot Malware in Prestashop

3 de January de 2020|News, Prestashop|

Since this January 2, 2020, the Prestashop team has detected an important security breach classified as CRITICAL within its files and that is affecting several versions of Prestashop and several modules. The vulnerability is present in a PHP tool called PHPUnit and it is taken advantage of by the [...]

8Dec 2019

How to start creating an online store on the Prestashop platform (Basic concepts)

8 de December de 2019|Prestashop, Web development|

Everything you need to know to start creating, designing and setting up your online store with Prestashop Many of you have ever wondered how an Online Store is built and what is needed for it. Lack of knowledge on the subject leads one to think [...]

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