[Herramienta de limpieza de caché de Prestashop] Thoroughly cleans and removes all cache files from Prestashop online stores

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La Prestashop Cache Cleaner Tool es una herramienta especialmente diseñada para limpiar y eliminar de forma exhaustiva y completa TODOS los archivos y elementos de caché de las tiendas online Prestashop. Its cleaning process is much stricter and more powerful than the cache cleaning utility that comes by default in Prestashop online stores (Advanced settings -> Performance).

Prestashop Cache Cleaner Tool is a web tool developed by Liewebs to completely and very comprehensively remove all cache files of the Prestashop online stores.

By default, Prestashop has a utility to clean the cache that is located in the section “Advanced parameters -> performance”.

Utility to clean the default Prestashop cache.

Utility to clean the default Prestashop cache.

The default Prestashop utility deletes the Prestashop cache in a perfunctory manner, leaving traces of more Prestashop cache related files. In addition, it is necessary to have access to the Back-office to be able to execute this process, so, in case of having a server error 500 that prevents access to the BO of the store, it will not be possible to clear the cache through Prestashop’s default utility.

Sometimes, due to an error in the Prestashop cache files, a 500 error occurs on the server, which leaves the online store inoperative and the owner cannot access the back-office to solve the problem. We have prepared an article dedicated to talk about this Prestashop problem. You can access it at the following link:

With the Prestashop Cache Cleaner tool you can solve this error without having to access the back-office to clean the cache files of the online store. This tool runs outside the environment of the Prestashop platform, so it is totally independent and is not affected by errors that may have the online store.

Prestashop Cache Cleaner Tool (Cleans Prestashop cache and fixes error 500 when trying to access the Back-office)

Prestashop Cache Cleaner Tool


  • Cleans and deletes all Prestashop cache files generated in development mode as well as production mode.
  • Cleans and deletes Prestashop template cache files.
  • Performs deep cleaning of other cache files (xml, smarty, file system cache, etc…).
  • Performs cleaning of static cache files.
  • Performs cache cleaning of file statuses.
  • Cleanup of database cache tables.
  • Cleaning process performed through asynchronous AJAX requests in order not to saturate server resources.
  • Multi language (SPANISH AND ENGLISH)
Prestashop online stores

Designed for the Prestashop platform

Web tool specially designed for use with Prestashop CMS platform. It is executed without having to enter into the Back-Office of the store. You will save time in the execution of the online store cache cleaning.

Fixes server error 500 (blank page) when accessing the Back-Office of Prestashop online stores.

Fixes server error 500 when trying to access Back-Office

You will not need to log into the Prestashop Back-Office to run this tool. Therefore, you will not be affected by any errors that the Prestashop store may have. Fixes server error 500 due to Prestashop cache that prevents access to the Back-Office of the online store.

Exhaustive cleaning of Prestashop online store cache files.

Comprehensive Cache Cleaning for Prestashop

Strictly, thoroughly and efficiently removes and cleans ALL Prestashop cache files. Improves Prestashop’s default utility for clearing the cache.


The installation is very simple, you must unzip the ZIP file and install the content inside the web directory from where you intend to perform the search. To start the program, type the path in the browser where the tool is installed (www.midominio.com/ps_cache_cleaner/). It does not install data in the database and is deleted without trace.


PRICE: 10€ (Lifetime and Unlimited Use License)

Once the Paypal payment is made, the tool will be automatically downloaded from the browser.

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