[Herramienta web] Search Tool PRO (Search for files, Malware, Phishing, code snippets and directories within the web server). Special for Prestashop and WordPress

Published On: 19 de January de 2023

Advanced web server search tool to find, by keywords, source code fragments and content inside files, file names and folders. The best web application to find viruses and Malware or Phishing code inside your files. Specially designed for the main CMS platforms such as Prestashop, WordPress and Magento online stores.

Search Tool PRO (Search for code snippets, file content, file names and directories or web folders). Designed for CMS platforms such as Prestashop, WordPress and Magento.

Search Tool PRO is a web tool developed by Liewebs to search web server directories for content. This tool is able to search for code snippets within files, archives and directories by name and extension, according to the search keywords assigned to it.

It is very useful for developers or web users who need to search for snippets of source code, folder or directory names, files or even malicious code. malicious codeviruses, phishing code o Malware injected into the source code of web files.

This tool is designed to be used in the main web platforms and CMS such as online stores Prestashop, WordPress, Magento, etc…


  • Search by code fragments within the source code of the files.
  • Search by file name and extensions.
  • Search by directory name.
  • Search by date and time of file modification.
  • Ideal for finding malicious code, viruses, Malware or Phishing injected into the content of web files.
  • Option to print the results.
  • Displays the search results with details such as file name, path, code fragment found with highlight function on the keyword found, the line number where it is found, etc…
  • Specially designed for use with the main CMS such as Prestashop, WordPress, Magento…
Fast web file source code search engine tool

Save time searching for content within your web server

With this tool, you will find the content you need within your web directory in record time. You will know exactly where the content you searched for is located, the number of matches found and the system even indicates the line number where the searched code fragment was found.

Detection of viruses, malicious code, Malware or Phishing in the content of web files.

Scanning for viruses and Malware or Phishing code injected into web files

With Search Tool PRO you will be able to perform an exhaustive search of the entire content of your web files to find fragments of malicious code, viruses, Malware or Phishing that may have been inserted by attackers. In this way you will be able to eliminate all traces left behind and neutralize the infection and the attack.

Prestashop and WordPress file code search tool

Designed for the most widely used CMS platforms

Web tool specially designed for use with the most used and important CMS platforms such as Prestashop, WordPress, Magento… It is also ideal for use with any web server and platform.


The installation is very simple, you must unzip the ZIP file and install the content inside the web directory from where you intend to perform the search. To start the program, type the path in the browser where the tool is installed (www.midominio.com/search_tool_pro/). It does not install data in the database and is deleted without trace.


PRICE: 15€ (Lifetime and Unlimited Use License)

Once the Paypal payment is made, the tool will be automatically downloaded from the browser.

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Has your Prestashop online store been infected with malicious code, Malware or Phishing?


Our web security experts are at your disposal to analyze the type of attack received, disinfect the web server files and resolve the vulnerability issues detected so that your store is fully protected and you can continue to sell safely.


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