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Published On: 4 de December de 2023

From Liewebs we launch an URGENT WARNING about the existence of another international cryptocurrency fraud. The scam consists of recruiting victims through social networks or online dating applications from fake profiles of girls. These girls try to gain the trust of their victims by establishing a long-distance friendship or romantic relationship. They then invite their victim to invest in cryptocurrencies by making a money deposit in a decentralized application with connection from the application Trust Wallet. The amount deposited by the victim ends up being stolen by the criminal organization.

What is this online cryptocurrency scam?

Some time ago, we published another news item about a new online cryptocurrency scam impersonating brand identities such as Gmarket, Alibaba, Aliexpress… and for some months now we have been receiving information from the victims themselves who have been swindled with another similar method of supposedly making money through the realization of cryptocurrency trading from decentralized applications fraudulent as wh-amp.vip.

This cryptocurrency fraud consists of recruiting victims from social networks or online dating applications, by girls who are part of the criminal organization and assume the role of “Recruiters”. They have a good presence and an attractive physical appearance. They create fake profiles on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. These recruiters pose as single girls looking for a friendly or romantic relationship with the victim. In addition, they post photos and videos with an allegedly very high standard of living, thus attracting more attention from their victims.

At first, the scammer engages in conversation with her victim through social networks. Attempts to gain their trust for weeks by engaging in a supposed friendship or romantic relationship. During the conversation, she exchanges several photos and videos sharing moments of her routine, even deepening her interest in knowing the private life and feelings of her victim. Likewise, she publicizes her supposedly high standard of living with videos and photos of her driving very high-end cars, traveling in private jets, attending conventions and important meetings, etc….

All this is part of the strategy to generate credibility with the victim so that he/she never suspects that he/she will soon be the object of a major financial scam.

When the victim seems to trust her “new friend”, she argues that she wants to help him earn money to have the same standard of living she supposedly has, by investing in cryptocurrencies through a supposed mobile application where supposed investment operations are made with a percentage of profits between 15-30% with respect to the amount invested.

To make the situation more plausible, she tells her victim that she has a family member working on Wall StreetShe tells her victim that she has a relative working on Wall Street, and that he is the one who provides her with privileged information to carry out the investment operations at certain times called “Node times”. These moments are supposedly obtained from data coming from analysis with complex algorithms that determine the moments to invest with a high percentage of receiving great benefits with a supposed zero risk, and that only she knows through her relative.

With this argument, the scammer pressures her victim to invest as much money as possible, telling her that the more she invests, the more she will earn, and that if she invests little money, her relative will not agree to give the privileged information of those Node time.

The scammer even goes so far as to carry out supposed example operations where she makes her victim see that she invests large sums of money and the profits, in seconds, are exaggerated (supposedly investing $2,000,000 to earn $400,000 in a matter of seconds).

If the victim agrees, thinking that he will be able to earn large sums of money, she helps him through the whole process and explains the necessary steps he has to take to transfer money from his bank to the application. Binanceand then convert your money into USDT cryptocurrency and then transfer that amount of money in cryptocurrencies to the application from where the scam will be consummated.

In order not to uncover the suspicion of your victim, the transfer process is done through the opening of a digital wallet (wallet) through the secure application Trust Wallet and from where the decentralized application that is the target of the scam will be opened to connect the wallet created in Trust Wallet with the latter.

Once the victim has deposited the money in the “.trap application”, the criminal organization gets hold of the victim’s money without the victim realizing it at first, since the victim continues to see the amount deposited in the application and can carry out the supposed purchase and sale operations correctly. The victim has actually deposited money in the organization’s wallet address, so at that very moment, the money deposited already belongs to the fraudsters and it is impossible to get it back.

The victim realizes he has been scammed when he tries to make withdrawals from his deposit. Attempted withdrawals of the alleged winnings will never be made. When the victim tries to contact the supposed customer service department, they answer evasively, arguing that there has been an anomaly in their account and that they must deposit more money in order to receive their money, or that they must pay some supposed taxes in the country in order to receive their money.

And from that very moment, the recruiter, who throughout the process was maintaining frequent conversations with her victim, ceases to have contact with the person and stops responding to her calls or WhatsApp messages. The victim ends up losing all the money deposited and the scam has been successfully consummated, leaving the victim with no possibility of recovering his or her money.

What are the decentralized applications from which the victims of these online cryptocurrency scams are being robbed of their money?

Fraudsters steal money from their victims through fraudulent decentralized applications where victims deposit money to perform the supposed cryptocurrency transactions. These applications have been developed for criminal purposes and are under the control of the criminal organization, making the user believe that they are applications intended for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

It perfectly emulates the economic data of the market values of these cryptocurrencies and is updated every second. They usually have little or very little legal information, few options and in some, it is not even necessary to open a profile or no personal data is requested.

Below are the URLs of the scammers’ applications that we have discovered:

Their main recruitment environment are social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, from where they publish all kinds of content, photos, videos, flaunting their supposed Glamour and high standard of living to be more attractive to their victim. They are girls with very good presence and enviable physical appearance. This facilitates the recruitment of their victims who are deceived into thinking they are meeting a very interesting person with a high standard of living.

Thanks to the information obtained by several of its victims and after investigating the content provided, we have discovered some of these fake profiles that are active today on social networks.

Active profiles of recruiters on social networks

Veronica Ivanovic – Ruth Lucia – Lisa Catherine

She has several active profiles on social networks, impersonating names such as Veronica Ivanovic, Ruth Lucia or Lisa Catherine, among others. His active profiles can be found on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. In them he posts photos and videos demonstrating his allegedly high standard of living. Images where she appears in very high-end cars, from Roll Royce to sports cars such as Lamborghini.

From these social networks, she recruits her victims by posing as a divorced girl, owner of a surgery and aesthetic treatment clinic, who has suffered abuse and has lost her father. A native of Russia, he claims to have lived in Boston (USA) for several years. His intention is to meet a sentimental friend with whom he can have a lasting relationship.

In addition, she argues that her stepfather works on Wall Street and is the one who provides her with privileged information to carry out investment operations with very high profit percentages and without risk.

He tries to gain the trust of his victims for weeks, sharing moments of his daily routine and images of his childhood. He even makes video calls via WhatsApp to make the environment much more plausible to his victim.

He makes use of a phone number from where he engages in conversations with his victims via WhatsApp . He speaks fairly fluent English.

The information provided is current as of 12/03/2023. It is possible that this information will be deleted at a later date, because they tend to change their identity on social networks after some time and in order not to be discovered.

If you are in contact with any of these profiles, we recommend that you remove them from your contact list and do not engage in conversation with them. Be very careful about the private information you share with these types of people.

Recommendations to avoid falling into this type of online scams

In the first place, these types of criminal organizations that scam users, use as their main hook playing with people’s desire to earn a lot of money in a short space of time.

We have to know that THERE IS NO FINANCIAL PRODUCT THAT OFFERS VERY HIGH PROFITABILITIES WITHOUT CONDUCTING A HIGH INVESTMENT RISK . Therefore, we must be suspicious of supposed financial products, operations or systems that assure us very high profits with little or almost no risk to the invested capital.

We must also take into account the following recommendations to avoid becoming a victim of this type of online cryptocurrency fraud:

  • Be suspicious of people you meet through social networks or online dating apps who try to altruistically convince you to invest money in cryptocurrencies and make a lot of profit. You have to know that no one helps anyone to earn large amounts of money without getting something in return.

  • The applications used by the scammers are hosted on URLs with unknown domains, with rarely used extensions (.vip, .store…) and the content of these applications is scarce and they do not offer legal information.

  • No cryptocurrency investment application is going to offer high profits without taking a high risk in the operation.

  • Applications are usually located at URLs with newly created domains or domains that are only a few months old.

  • The scams are often carried out with cryptocurrencies because they are hosted in electronic wallets that leave no trace and whose transactions in BlockChain cannot be reversed, making it impossible to recover the money.

What to do if you suspect that you are being or have been the victim of a similar scam online?

We are going to give you a series of steps to follow if you suspect that you have been or are being the victim of an internet fraud or scam like the one reported in this article.

  • In the event that you have used passwords that you usually use in your private access to accounts, emails, etc … you should change all passwords to others. Whenever possible, use complex passwords and only one for each site or access.

  • If you have used information from your accounts, bank cards and have provided them to these sites, you must block the cards and inform the bank of the situation so that they can prevent the theft of money without your authorization.

  • Collect as much information as possible (domains, email addresses, IP addresses, screenshots, etc …) and keep it in a safe place.

  • Go to file a complaint with the local authorities of your city and also through the Telematic Crimes Unit of the Guardia Civil (Spain) or the Central Technological Investigation Brigade of the Spanish National Police (Spain) and file a complaint explaining what happened with all the details and providing all the information gathered.

  • Inform acquaintances, friends and family through social networks. You can share this article and also all the information about the places where scams are being committed to prevent others from being victims of these.

  • In the event that you have deposited money and still have access to it, we recommend trying to withdraw the amount deposited. If we do not want to raise suspicions by scammers, the best way is to make a partial withdrawal leaving a small amount of money that you must assume as losses, and thus avoid having your entire account blocked or denying you the recovery of part of your money. In any case, always try to recover the money invested if possible. But you have to be aware that once you deposit money in these types of applications, it will be very difficult to get it back, and even more complicated if it is cryptocurrency operations.

If you have more information about this type of scams, you can write a comment in this article or send us a message through our contact form, including all the data you have (websites, scammers’ profiles, conversations, etc…). Once the data has been verified, we will update the information with all the data provided.




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