[SCAM NOTICE] Mobile application that offers huge profits from commissions in operations of buying and selling products from platforms such as Ebay, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Gmarket, TaoBao and others

Published On: 13 de January de 2022

From Liewebs we launch an URGENT NOTICE about the existence of an international fraud with cryptocurrencies. They generally supplant the identity of well-known brands of online markets, ensuring extremely high and exponential returns (more than 200% of the deposit per month) for commissions on supposed purchases and sales of products. These operations are allegedly carried out through e-commerce platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, TaoBao (China), Broadway, Aliexpress, Alibaba, and others. Access to these applications can only be done by invitation from other users who are already registered.


Below we explain what this fraud consists of, which is mainly based on a pyramid or multilevel system or also a Ponzi scheme , and makes use of cryptocurrencies such as USDT (Cryptocurrency associated with the Dollar). It is currently widespread and affects thousands of people from every country in the world.

It is a web and mobile application that is fraudulently impersonating major online commerce trademarks such as Aliexpress, Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, Gmarket, TaoBao, Broadway and others .

There are dozens of replicas of these applications, the best known are called Gmarket, CjonStyle, Asda, ASOS and Aliexpress . They are installed on newly created domains such as www.gmarket38.com , www.asda667788.com , www.aliexpress7777.com , www.cjcjapp.com , among others.

In the case of the Gmarket application, if we visit the company section of the application itself, we can see that the content has been fraudulently copied with the official data of the Gmarket company. In this way they make users believe that it is an official application of this multinational company.

From these applications you can only access with an invitation sent through another user who is already registered. Therefore, access is not open, nor is it available to anyone who wants to enter without an invitation.

Once you register in the application, you become the subordinate of the user who invited you, and from that moment you can send invitations to those who will be your future subordinates. In this way, the team is formed with a pyramidal structure or the purest Ponzi scheme, and they will acquire supposed profits from commissions of the operations carried out by each of the subordinates . This is really the fundamental pillar of the economic structure of this macro scam. The more people are invited to use the application by depositing money, the higher the commission earnings of those subordinates.

The application supposedly allows access to a series of official online commerce markets such as Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon, Gmarket, TaoBao, Broadway, Alibaba, etc… Where a series of purchase and sale operations of products of various kinds can supposedly be carried out. categories such as electronics, clothing, beauty accessories, lingerie, among others. When carrying out these supposed operations, profits are obtained by commissions between the purchase and sale of these products. Basically what this organization of scammers wants to imply is that the user acts as a kind of intermediary between these operations using the money that is deposited in their account. In this way, the user thinks that he is financing some operations of purchase and sale of materials to the company.

The most curious and really the most suspicious thing about this system is that money is never lost during operations. You always get to earn money from commissions and the user never risks any amount of money from his deposit. The user believes that he is facing a perfect trading system and that he is going to earn a lot of money.

Obviously, in order to carry out these supposed operations, the user must have deposited money converted into the USDT cryptocurrency . The conversion of the local currency to cryptocurrencies can be done from applications such as Binance .

Access to these markets is restricted by user levels. The levels range from level 1 to level 4. Depending on the number of users who have been invited and they have deposited at least 100 USDT. It also depends on the minimum deposit of money that the user has in the account. If you meet the requirements of each level, you can go up levels. At a higher level, a higher percentage of commissions (from 0.26 to 0.32% per operation) and maximum limits on daily operations ranging from 50 orders to 70 orders.

Every time the user performs daily operations, he is supposedly earning higher and higher commissions that depend on the total deposit he has at that time. Days go by and money multiplies exponentially and extremely fast. At the same time, you are earning daily commissions for the subordinates that you have put in, so you are encouraged to continue inviting more users, and the latter will do the same.

Little by little a team with a large structure is being formed and the organization is receiving thousands and thousands of USDT from the deposits of these users.

The application, in addition to having the option to continue depositing USDT, also has the option to withdraw money from that deposit to your Binance account or the one the user is using. Later, the user can convert that cryptocurrency into the local currency and transfer the money to their bank.

So far, everything seems perfect!

Users think that they are the luckiest people in the world to have entered this circle. They thank each other for inviting themselves to this wonderful application with a perfect trading system. In fact, to get an idea of the supposed high level of profitability, we have seen how users with deposits of 7,000 USDT, supposedly generated around 3,000 USDT a week for the orders placed.

However, since the more money you have on deposit, the more money you will generate daily, users get into the ambitious loop of not trying to transfer part of their deposit to their bank account. They feel the desire to generate more and more money daily so that their deposit grows and thus will generate even more money every day. This circumstance is precisely what this scam organization is trying to do. The longer it takes the user to try to get their money, the longer it will take to realize that this is all a hoax. Therefore, more users will have been invited by him, and these, in turn, will deposit a lot of money encouraged by the supposed earnings of the user who has invited them.

Most of the profiles that are falling for this scam are young people (we could say between 20 and 45 years old) who are vulnerable to falling into the mistake of believing that for the first time in their lives they are earning large amounts of money and that this system it will last a long time. Many even quickly condition their lives to a supposed high standard of living that they believe they will lead in the coming months.

What is behind these phishing apps from companies like Gmarket, Alibaba and Aliexpress and where is the purpose of the fraud?

Now comes the reality of this whole plot that ends up becoming the fraud that it has been from the beginning. Actually, what users do not know is that the application is a kind of mask that deceives these users who believe that they are earning commissions for product purchase and sale operations. However, these operations do not exist and are completely fictitious, as are all those amounts of money that appear in your account.

As we have said before, the reality is that all the user is seeing are fictitious numbers. There are no operations for the purchase and sale of products, or commissions, not even the deposit they have is real. They are only simulated numbers within an application created for the sole purpose of scamming and robbing users of deposited amounts.

The only thing that is real about all this is the amount of USDT, which the user has deposited in a private account address owned by the scammers, and which from that moment leaves him in full control of this organization.

If we visit the official online trading platforms such as Ebay, Aliexpress, Gmarket and others, we will not find any information about the existence of these supposed trading applications. If we ask customer services, they will inform us that they are not aware of these practices.

The alleged commissions are nothing more than money from the deposits of other users belonging to the same team of the pyramid structure or other teams. The same thing also happens with the amounts that the organization allows them to withdraw on certain occasions. This system corresponds to the Ponzi scheme that has been previously used in various international frauds.

This fraudulent system is similar to other scams that have already been discovered. Its structure is based on the technique or Ponzi scheme whose financing comes from the income of money from new users (self-financing).

It should also be noted that the operations to withdraw money from the deposit are controlled manually by the organizers of this macro scam. Therefore, they They allow some withdrawals of money by the team leaders and some of the users who have invited several people. In this way they use the “hook” technique to make new users believe that the profits are real.

However, if a user tries to make more money withdrawals, the organizers hold the operation using different techniques (misleading arguments, provisional account locks, error messages, etc …). In the case of users who have recently entered and have not invited more people, these in most cases, will not be able to withdraw their earnings or will be able to withdraw very small amounts.

At a given moment, when the organizers verify that the team structure is no longer profitable or the chain of invitations is already broken and they stop making money deposits, that’s when they expel the whole team. They delete their accounts and keep all the money from all the deposits and do not allow them to enter the application again. The user realizes the reality when after making several attempts, they are unable to enter their account (A message is displayed saying that the account has been canceled or that the maximum number of attempts to enter the account has been exceeded)

If you try to contact the supposed customer service, they answer you predefined messages through automated bots. From that moment, the user will never have access to the platform again and his deposit will be gone forever.

They have already completed the fraud and have stolen all your money. However, the application continues to work to continue scamming other users who are oblivious to what is happening to the rest.

Message that the user receives when their account has been canceled and they have kept all their money.

Message that the user receives when their account has been canceled and they have kept all their money.

A little more information about the organization that is committing this international scam or fraud

We are facing an organization that is widespread internationally and is made up of many members and each one is dedicated to one or more tasks within the organization.

They recruit their victims through social networks

There is the figure of the “recruiter”, who is generally made up of young girls with good physical attractiveness. They sign up on social networks with fake profiles and on dating apps.

They gain the trust of their victim, even making them think that they want to be romantically involved with her. After gaining the trust of his victim, he offers to enter these applications by invitation, arguing that it is a very profitable investment system and that he will earn a lot of money without investing much.

They communicate through WhatsApp and Telegram accounts

For their supposed customer service, they use Whatsapp and Telegram accounts using phone numbers for a short period of time, to end up deleting them and creating others to avoid being traced.

The money from the deposits ends up in various digital accounts for the use of cryptocurrencies

We have been able to investigate a little more and we know that this organization is making use of different account addresses created for users to deposit their cryptocurrencies. In addition, due to the time zone used in the applications, which is the UTC-5 zone, it corresponds to places in the eastern United States, Canada, countries on the Central American continent and the western part of the South American continent.

On the other hand, we know that some of the account addresses that are using this organization through applications for cryptocurrency management are:








Through the Tronscan website (which is a website to obtain information about operations with cryptocurrencies, accounts, etc …) we can obtain more information about the transactions of this account, the energy consumed in mining with the cryptocurrencies used in transactions and many other utilities. We suspect they are using more accounts that we have not been able to find out so far.

Another very important clue is that these applications only accept the USDT cryptocurrency, which is related to the price of the dollar. This, added to the time zone that appears in the application, can give us a clue of the countries from where the organization may be operating.

The domains used are always newly created or less than 3 months old

Another relevant information is that most of the domains that they are using to install these applications are either newly created or have only been registered for a very short time. In addition, the vast majority have been registered with the Godaddy hosting provider.

Here is more information about one of your domains:


The dimensions of this fraud are such that they have created dozens of domains with replicas of the same application structure. They even share the same user database, being able to enter several of these applications with the same user profile created. In this article we show a list of domains where the applications are being located. There are many more domains that we have not been able to find yet and many others that have already closed.

Detected domains
  • gmak55555.com

  • gmak2222.com

  • gmak11.com

  • gmak8888.com

  • gmak222.com

  • gmak22222.com

  • gmak666.com

  • gmak1111.com

  • gmak555.com

  • gmak22.com

  • gmak999.com

  • gmarket38.com

  • gmarket-rebate.com

  • cjcjapp.com

  • aliexpress777.com

  • cj115.com

  • asda667788.com

  • 11-street.com

  • dc219.com

  • zyro7.com

  • qooshopsa.com

  • qootmallb.com

  • dc170.com

  • gj205.com

  • m.ebay582.com

  • shopecoco.com

  • hipxcxkcm786jxncbh699.com

  • shoppingluo-www.ethervenue.com

  • uapp777.com

  • uapp88.com

  • uapp99.com

  • kafa888.com

  • bolmall.org

  • hipgjdhjkd997dhjk98vip.com

  • app.ecwides.com

  • ebyorder4.com

  • datosdebeneficios.com

  • salesvv1.com

  • leshopsa.com

  • templateen.com

  • 5862w.xyz

  • zalandomail.com

  • app.e-order.org

The Mexican authorities release a video warning of this pyramid scam

Recommendations to avoid falling for these tricks and to be able to detect this type of online fraud by impersonating the identity of platforms such as Gmarket or similar.

In the first place, these types of criminal organizations that scam users, use as their main hook playing with people’s desire to earn a lot of money in a short space of time.

We have to know that THERE IS NO FINANCIAL PRODUCT THAT OFFERS VERY HIGH PROFITABILITIES WITHOUT CONDUCTING A HIGH INVESTMENT RISK . Therefore, we have to be suspicious of supposed financial products, operations or systems that assure us of very high returns with little or no risk of the capital invested.

In addition to the above, and taking this scam system as an example, we can find the following characteristics:

  • The application or platform offers little or no information about the owner company, legal information and options to cancel your account.
  • These types of platforms or applications are usually developed in short periods of time, which is why they tend to show functional failures, incomplete sections and notable visual defects.
  • The operations are usually carried out with cryptocurrencies, since today, the tracking operations of these tokens are difficult.
  • The winning percentages are supposedly extremely high.
  • The domains where the applications are created have been created recently or are very young and their names are followed by numbers or unusual characters. Sometimes they try to impersonate the official brands but adding numbers at the end (example www.aliexpress234.com, www.gmarket38.com, etc …).
  • If you try to find information about these operations, you will find little or no information.
  • Many of these scams are based on pyramid or multi-level systems.
  • User registration processes are done by invitation and do not usually ask for too much information to authenticate the accounts.
  • Sometimes the applications are in domains that do not use SSL certificates (https).
  • When it comes to withdrawing the money, they tend to have inconveniences, or the withdrawal process is extremely complicated or generates errors.
  • They are usually based on exponential earnings depending on the amount of deposit used, to avoid users wanting to withdraw earnings frequently and want to let their deposit grow.

What to do if you suspect that you are being or have been the victim of a similar scam online?

We are going to give you a series of steps to follow if you suspect that you have been or are being the victim of an internet fraud or scam like the one reported in this article.

  • In the event that you have used passwords that you usually use in your private access to accounts, emails, etc … you should change all passwords to others. Whenever possible, use complex passwords and only one for each site or access.

  • If you have used information from your accounts, bank cards and have provided them to these sites, you must block the cards and inform the bank of the situation so that they can prevent the theft of money without your authorization.

  • Collect as much information as possible (domains, email addresses, IP addresses, screenshots, etc …) and keep it in a safe place.

  • Go to file a complaint with the local authorities of your city and also through the Telematic Crimes Unit of the Guardia Civil (Spain) or the Central Technological Investigation Brigade of the Spanish National Police (Spain) and file a complaint explaining what happened with all the details and providing all the information gathered.

  • Inform acquaintances, friends and family through social networks. You can share this article and also all the information about the places where scams are being committed to prevent others from being victims of these.

  • In the event that you have deposited money and still have access to it, we recommend trying to withdraw the amount deposited. If we do not want to raise suspicions by scammers, the best way is to make a partial withdrawal leaving a small amount of money that you must assume as losses, and thus avoid having your entire account blocked or denying you the recovery of part of your money. In any case, always try to recover the money invested if possible. But you have to be aware that once you deposit money in these types of applications, it will be very difficult to get it back, and even more complicated if it is cryptocurrency operations.

If you have more information about this type of scams, you can write a comment in this article including all the data you have (websites, digital accounts, etc…).



  1. Abi 25 de April de 2022 at 10:59 - Reply
    Ebayshop Scam investment Yes , it’s scam , similar scam is Ebayshop , it’s scam and never invest (m.ebay582.com)
  2. Irikefe 1 de May de 2022 at 13:00 - Reply
    EBay Shop Scam Please add Ebay online shop to this list. They operate exactly thesame way..This is one of the wallet IDs they operate. TNNxgdSBJDcnMydHSM8WpZrVmqoHbtHVfH.
    • Liewebs 3 de May de 2022 at 09:31 - Reply


      thanks for the information shared. Can you tell us the domain name used by them to include it in this post?

    • James 8 de June de 2022 at 23:49 - Reply

      Hi. Similar scam app.ecwides.com.
      Wallet ID: TMp8SihAEM2dtSXJuAhGoMZjPcRtQCJaz3. Thank you.

    • Fred 10 de June de 2022 at 23:41 - Reply

      This is the boll app, guy calls himself mike. Also a scam


      +44 7361 632375


      • Marcio Santos 1 de December de 2022 at 02:42 - Reply

        Aqui no Brasil , os estado do Amapá, Para , são Paulo e outros teve uma plataforma chamada de “Consolidar a my shopping” enganou mais de 3 mil pessoas com a esperada de bons lucros foi só fraude mesmo .

    • Romero 6 de October de 2022 at 18:10 - Reply


      Aliexpress scam.
      Keep away.

  3. Renata 24 de May de 2022 at 03:57 - Reply
    Golpe no Brasil como Shopee Também fui vítima desta quadrilha aqui no Brasil. Alegaram que a plataforma era da Shopee e fizeram exatamente como descrito na matéria. Esta é uma das carteiras que eles operam TAJTLxvQw1gn1KgXZz6cMq6CLadFy7bULa.
    • Nisa 30 de November de 2022 at 23:17 - Reply

      i think im being scam right now, i withdrawn already but i need to pay more to redeem my withdrawal. app name is amazon com.chuxin.one
      the wallet is different now before
      i need help. there is 8000usdt in the app that is not release yet

      • Nisa 30 de November de 2022 at 23:18 - Reply

        Amazon (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce on December 31, 2014. After six months of planning and development, the “Amazon APP” was launched on New Year’s Day 2014. Amazon APP is an online task docking platform based on crowdsourcing mode, which provides personalized micro-tasks for merchant brands. Major e-commerce companies spread through millions of active users on the platform to digest the tasks released by merchants. All mobile users, like flexible part-time employees of merchants and brands, complete and execute the tasks of brand and merchant publishing, similar to Pinduoduo Jingdong, when someone is in the group, within the prescribed time, the number of people does not reach the designated number, at this time, the platform is needed to complete the replenishment for the merchants, and the merchants will need to complete the replenishment. Promote merchants and users to successfully complete the order, the platform earns word of mouth, merchants earn sales, and members earn corresponding remuneration.

  4. Esther. O 19 de August de 2022 at 07:37 - Reply
    Newegg scam There is a similar scam going in on right now in my country called Newwegg. Here's a link to check it out ;https://new4.uk#/pages/registerPage/registerPage?invitationCode=KK8JZU
  5. Muneer SULAIMAN ALFARSI 17 de October de 2022 at 20:09 - Reply
    انا العبد الضعيف الذي احتال عليه. لقد تعرضت مثل هذا الاحتيال من الموقع https://www.5862w.xyz. ولقد أنفقت أموال كثيرة وانا جديد في هذا الموقع تم استدعائي عن طريق الوتساب وطلب مني تسجيل في هذا الموقع كفريق بالأول ما كنت أتداول الخصم الاخر هو الذي يتداول بمبالغ كبيرة ويتم سحبها بعد انتهاء من عدد طلبات 60 طلب وانا احصل شي بسيط من الربح كل يوم شي بسيط حتى وصل 28 دولار وحولتهن إلى محفظة binance وبعد ذالك أصابني الذهول وفرحت بهذا وتدولات حتى وصل قيمة تتداولي 5000 دولار ومتبقي طلب واحد لأنها العملية ولكن طلب مني 4912 دولار في آخر عمليه هنا انا توقفت ولم أوافق بتكملة الطلب الاخير وطلبت منهم اكتفي بهذا القدر واريد سحب اموالي ولكنهم رفضو سحب الأموال بعد إكمال العملية.. ولم استطيع سحب أموالي.. أريد مساعدتكم إذا كان لديكم اي حل تساعدوني لاسترجاع اموالي.
    • Osama 31 de October de 2022 at 18:37 - Reply

      ي صحبي انا واقع بنفس الفكره ممكن رقم علشان اعرف افهم منك

  6. Muneer ALFARSI 17 de October de 2022 at 20:19 - Reply
    انا العبد الضعيف الذي احتال عليه. لقد تعرضت مثل هذا الاحتيال من الموقع https://www.5862w.xyz. ولقد أنفقت أموال كثيرة وانا جديد في هذا الموقع تم استدعائي عن طريق الوتساب وطلب مني تسجيل في هذا الموقع كفريق بالأول ما كنت أتداول الخصم الاخر هو الذي يتداول بمبالغ كبيرة ويتم سحبها بعد انتهاء من عدد طلبات 60 طلب وانا احصل شي بسيط من الربح كل يوم شي بسيط حتى وصل 28 دولار وبعد ذالك وصل قيمة تداولي 5000 دولار ومتبقي طلب واحد لأنها العملية ولكن طلب مني 4912 دولار في آخر عمليه هنا انا .
  7. Osama 31 de October de 2022 at 18:07 - Reply

    موقع https://www.5862w.xyz/#/
    انا العبد الضعيف الذي احتال عليه.
    لو معاك رقم ياريت تتواصل معايا لانى وقعت فى نفس الموضوع بس الحمد لله مبلغ قليل

  8. Josie 18 de December de 2022 at 02:44 - Reply

    I knew this was a scam but played along to see what It entailed. Haven’t added any money but this is the telephone number and website they gave me if anyone wants to have a look.
    +60 11-3726 3797

  9. Richard 4 de November de 2023 at 21:44 - Reply

    Last week I have been contacted by different nice Girls to earn money. it’s exactly this scam. one was with adding items to cart on ebay and other was site realrea.cc which should be therealreal.com
    all looked nice until they asked to deposit my money but I am not that dumb an sent them to hell
    thanks for this article.

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