We are used to receiving a “can’t” for an answer, when we send a request to our hosting provider to configure a server parameter for us. This is because many hosting providers put their limitations for various reasons (security, avoid problems with other websites hosted on the same server, avoid overuse of resources, etc …).

This situation occurs more frequently when it comes to shared servers (Shared Hosting), because any modification in the server will affect the other websites of other clients hosted on the same server.

For this reason, one of the advantages that we offer you compared to the Hosting plans of other providers is that you have TOTAL freedom to configure the server with the parameters you need to adapt the server to your requirements, as long as the configurations contain logical values and do not pose a risk to the security or operational integrity of the server.

As a customer, you will have access to a hosting panel with many options so that you can configure your server. There are other more delicate options that only we have access and privileges to modify. In case you want to change any of these parameters, you will have to request it by means of a support ticket and we will process it as soon as possible, confirming that your request has been correctly executed.