Maintenance plans

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Can I contract a plan that is shorter than the minimum length of stay?

24 de September de 2021|

Maintenance plans have a minimum contracting period to prevent clients from contracting these plans only for the duration of the resolution of their incidents on the web and then unsubscribing. To solve specific incidents without monthly payment commitment, we have at the disposal of any of our clients technical [...]

If I have a maintenance contract, can I change the plan?

24 de September de 2021|

If you already have a monthly maintenance plan with us and you want to change, there would be no problem. Below we explain each case: Switch to a higher maintenance plan In this case, the change is instantaneous and you will pay the monthly fee for the new plan. [...]

What is the procedure to cancel a maintenance plan?

23 de September de 2021|

You can cancel a maintenance plan after meeting the retention times, as long as it is requested 15 business days in advance . You have to bear in mind that if you have paid the monthly fee, it will not be returned or the proportion of it, even if [...]

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