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Can I hire more resources once I have purchased the Hosting plan?

27 de September de 2021|

You can only expand the following resources without having to hire another superior Hosting plan: Dedicated IP addresses You can purchase these additional resources at the time of purchasing the Hosting plan. In case you want to expand the resources after acquiring the Hosting plan, you will have to [...]

Am I free to configure the server with the parameters I need?

27 de September de 2021|

We are used to receiving a "can't" for an answer, when we send a request to our hosting provider to configure a server parameter for us. This is because many hosting providers put their limitations for various reasons (security, avoid problems with other websites hosted on the same server, [...]

Can I contract a plan that is shorter than the minimum length of stay?

24 de September de 2021|

Maintenance plans have a minimum contracting period to prevent clients from contracting these plans only for the duration of the resolution of their incidents on the web and then unsubscribing. To solve specific incidents without monthly payment commitment, we have at the disposal of any of our clients technical [...]

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