Short Tail Keywords vs Long Tail Keywords

Short Tail Keywords vs Long Tail Keywords

What is a Keyword or keyword?

A Keyword or keyword is a concept that has been implemented in SEO techniques for a long time. It consists of choosing a keyword to summarize the most important aspects of the web content and serve as a guide for search engines to index and position your website in the right environment, depending on the web theme.

To optimize a website or generate an ad campaign, we’ll need to set up the Keywords for our project. These keywords are the ones that will explain the content of the web or what you want to promote and must be chosen and configured for each specific case depending on the theme and the content. For example if we have a website selling printer inks, the most successful Keywords would be “printer accessories”, “printer cartridges”, “printer inks”, therefore the web will be positioned in search engines in relation to those keywords, and in the case of the ad campaigns, these will show when a user indicates one of those Keywords.

It is of great importance to make a good selection of keywords in order to obtain good results in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) web positioning, so that our internet presence would focus on the web theme itself. However, some SEO experts report that the importance of Keywords is less and less, not being as relevant to positioning. But that’s not why we have to forget about it, since Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and the use of Keywords on websites will always have a gap between your preferences.

And focusing on the topic, there are two types of Keywords: Short Tail Keywords and Long Tail Keywords. As their names indicate, they are short-tailed keywords and long-tail keywords respectively.

For quite some time now, the Short Tail Keywords technique has been used, consisting of the selection of keywords of no more than 2 words each, for example:

  • Cheap clothing
  • Toy shop

The drawback of these Keywords is that being so short they do not specify or centralize into something more concrete and therefore the competition existing in those keywords do not allow to obtain results in SEO satisfactorily, due to the existence of many websites that have the same keywords.

Due to the competition in the use of Short Tail Keywords, lately it is tending to the use of so-called Long Tail Keywords, which are keywords that are made up of phrases of more than 3 keywords, so it is even more focused on what we want to describe and by l or there is less support by improving web positioning in search engines, for example:

  • Cheap clothing for children
  • Toy shop in Madrid
  • Accessories shop for competitive Karts

Another advantage of using these is the fact that we focus visits to our website on a very specific group of visitors who are looking for something specific.

The use of Long Tail Keywords in paid ad campaigns is highly recommended because being keywords with less competition, less money will be paid per click and we will also make only users really interested in the subject or subject access, increasing the conversion rate on our website.

In short, the use of Keywords is one of the most important things to keep in mind to improve our flow of visitors to our website, optimize our ad campaigns and improve the positioning in search engines. Pay close attention to the use of these and you have to know how to choose very well which keywords to use, for this there are tools like Google Analytics. Not forgetting that the use of Long tail keywords are the ones that are giving it the most importance today, and Google’s algorithm is very mindful to improve the positioning of the web against others.